Gameware Europe Ltd. (GWE) was established in 2001 to exploit proprietary intellectual property and technology across multiple platform. Gameware has more than 30 years experience in the computer games industry. Our mantra is to engage with proven leading edge technologies such as augmented reality and A-Life across multiple platforms to deliver compelling products for mobile, PC and TV.

Gameware’s main task within REPLICATE is the development of a VR and mixed-reality co-creative continuum platform to support the simultaneous/collaborative interactions of multiple users with real objects, virtual objects, and 3d printed objects. We are are now researching and developing a content delivery mechanism to support direct to consumer engagement whilst addressing Creative industries commercial requirements. We are also researching new visualization tools and Human Computer Interfaces (HCIs) using wearables (e.g. Air input devices, see-through and camera-through Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) and mobile devices to interact seamlessly with 3D assets. In addition, Gameware are responsible for integrating a Social Network channel within the REPLICATE eco-system that will facilitate an efficient flow of feedback from the creativity community about usability, engagement, etc. whilst enabling and encouraging co-creativity.

The VR Co-Creativity Platform that we are developing will utilise a number of tools or their subsets from other parts of the project to construct a creative building experience for the users. Components will extend the co-creative toolset to include inter-reality physics, VR object manipulation in single and multiple user environments, visualisations - pulling elements from both the real and virtual world, direct user interactions, chroma keying and novel user input.

The REPLICATE technology deliverables will facilitate the creation and distribution of 3D/AR/VR assets in such a way as to provide Gameware with an opportunity to deliver ‘play, create, share’ propositions effectively online. Gameware are working with funding partners/publishing prospects to established engagement with mass market consumers globally - providing creativity enabling tools and advanced 3D/AR/VR functionality USP’s for an engaging user experience. The upload/download platform technology infrastructure to support the vision for real-time digital asset capture, enhancement and consumption via online sharing will facilitate commercial propositions of this nature.