Multi-user interaction via hand tracking devices in collaborative virtual environments
(Nicolo' Pretto and Fabio Poiesi)
International Workshop on LowCost 3D, Hamburg (GE), Nov. 2017.

3D reconstruction with a collaborative approach based on smartphones
(E. Nocerino, F. Poiesi, A. Locher, F. Remondino, P. Chippendale, L. Van Gool)
International Workshop on LowCost 3D, Hamburg (GE), Nov. 2017.

Cloud-based collaborative 3D reconstruction using smartphones
(F. Poiesi, A. Locher, P. Chippendale, E. Nocerino, F. Remondino, L. Van Gool)
Proc. of European Conference on Visual Media Production, London (UK), 2017.

360-video authoring pipeline using user-generated 3D models
(F. Poiesi, P. Chippendale, J. Ceballos, R. Harris, E. Nocerino and F. Remondino)
Demo at European Conference on Visual Media Production, London (UK), 2017.

Replicate in 3D
(F.Poiesi, E. Nocerino)
Demo at European Researchers' Night, Trento (IT), Sept 2017

Smartphone-based pipeline for the creative industry - The REPLICATE project
(E. Nocerino, F. Lago, D. Morabito, F. Remondino, L. Porzi, F. Poiesi, S. Rota Bulo', P. Chippendale, A. Locher, M. Havlena, L. Van Gool, M. Eder, A. Foetschl, A. Hilsmann, L. Kausch and P. Eisert)
International Workshop on 3D Virtual Reconstruction and Visualization of Complex Architectures (3DARCH), Nafplio (GR), Mar 2017.

(M. Galanti, A. Ragazzon, F. Poiesi, P. Chippendale)
EuroVR conference 2017, Laval (FR), Dec 2017

Template-Based 3D Non-Rigid Reconstruction from Monocular Image Sequences
(L. Kausch, A. Hilsmann, P. Eisert)
VMV, Bonn (GE), Sep 2017

Multi-view reconstruction of dynamic real-world objects and their integration in augmented and virtual reality applications
(T. Ebner, I. Feldmann, S. Renault, O. Schreer, P. Eisert)
Journal of Society for Information Display, Mar 2017

(A. Foetschl, F. Poiesi, P.Chippendale)
AWE Europe, Munich (DE), Oct 2017


Progressive 3D Modeling All the Way
(Alex Locher, Michal Havlena and Luc Van Gool) 3DV 2016

Progressive Prioritized Multi-View Stereo
(Alex Locher, Michal Perdoch, Luc Van Gool) CVPR 2016

Large-Scale Location Recognition and the Geometric Burstiness Problem
(Torsten Sattler, Michal Havlena, Konrad Schindler, Marc Pollefeys) CVPR 2016

Mobile Phone and Cloud – a Dream Team for 3D Reconstruction
(Alex Locher, Michal Perdoch, Hayko Riemenschneider and Luc Van Gool) WACV 2016

Online Learning with Bayesian Classification Trees, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
(S. Rota Bulò and P. Kontschieder) CVPR2016, Las Vegas, USA, 2016.