Export custom thumbnail image of a model from the replicate pipeline


Generate a thumbnail image.
All parameters are optional except id.

id - The id of the replicate object

stage - The stage of the pipeline. ply, refinedply, mesh
(OMIT this parameter for now, to use default PLY generated thumbnail)

width - The width of the thumbnail (16-1024). Default is 128.

height - The height of the thumbnail (16-1024). Default is 128.

fmt - Image format to return. png or jpg. Default is jpg.

backcol - Hex RGB for background colour. eg 000000 (black) or 444444 (darkgrey) or FF00FF (magenta). Default is black.

detail - either "none" or "debug" at present supported. overlaid text info. default is none.

pointsize - for point clouds. size of each point in pixels. Only values 1,2,3 are supported. Default is 1.

yaw - camera yaw in degrees. default is 0. viewing from the front. increasing values move the camera right (anticlockwise)

pitch - camera pitch in degrees. default is 30 raising it slightly above horizon. increasing values move the camera up initially (anticlockwise)

distance - distance of camera from object center as a proportion of its radius. So 2 means the camera will be twice the object radius from the object centre. Default is 2.


Default thumbnail of Object 817 (toy wall).

PLY thumbnail of Object 623 (a calculator) at 512x512

PLY thumbnail of Object 1321 at 512x512 with info at specific camera angle and distance.

Default thumbnail of an object that doesn't exist.